GEO Foods,
Chicago, IL

Geo Foods USA is a global leader in the procurement and sale of frozen seafood and aquaculture products with headquarters in Chicago.

We aim to supply consistent premium quality fish and seafood to our customers across US and the globe. Our quality control team in India ensures product quality at factory, perform product inspection before shipment and undertakes all the necessary shipment documentation and verification prior the products reach the customers.

Known for its impeccable quality, our team has expertise in procuring BAP 4* Vannamei products, different types of fin fishes, cephalopods and a wide variety of frozen seafood and aquaculture products sourced from certified factories all over India.

Our customers can be fully confident in the safety and sustainability of the seafood procured from Geo Foods as we have the most experienced Quality Assurance team in the industry with an in-depth understanding of International standards, USFDA Procedures, and BAP certification.