Our Team

Geo Foods USA is a Limited Liability Company operating under the leadership of partners- Vivek Lawrence and Robin Karingada. Geo Foods USA is the sister concern of Geo Seafoods Group which is an amalgamation of Geo Seafoods and Monsun Foods Pvt Ltd. Geo Seafoods have been in the Seafood trading and export business for over 52 years. Geo Seafoods and Monsun Foods exports products all over the world with major clients in USA being Walmart, Censea, Ore-cal and Fultan.

Our seasoned and respected team of seafood industry veterans and professionals are directly engaged in every aspect of procurement and sales. Renowned for our agile, sleeves rolled-up approach, our valuable suppliers and customers can always rely on a seamless and reliable process right from order to delivery. We also have full- service exporting expertise in procurement, sales, marketing, finance, inventory management, logistics and quality assurance.

Vivek Lawrence


Vivek Lawrence is the founding partner of Geo Foods USA. In this role, Vivek has guided Geo Foods trajectory as one of the largest and most trusted independent marketers of premium Indian frozen seafood and aquaculture products across the globe. He oversees Geo Foods`s supply chain with respect to regulatory and customer compliance, as well as its international contract processing operations.

Vivek pursued Master’s Degree from Liverpool, UK. His in-depth knowledge of at-sea production, expert administrative, management and leadership skills makes him one of the most highly regarded and qualified in the seafood industry. He brings a strong track record of operational excellence and growth leadership to Geo Foods. Rich with experience in the International market place, Vivek also provides deep insight into global markets.

Robin Karingada


Robin Karingada is the co-founder of Geo Foods USA. A seasoned veteran in the seafood industry, Robin is known for his straight forward approach with suppliers and customers alike. He prides himself as a hands-on problem solver and is deeply committed to providing Geo Foods customers with the highest degree of confidence in food safety and legal compliance.

Robin has always loved seafood but trusting the source was a huge concern for him. In Vivek, he found something that they both shared in common- the importance of quality. With this in mind, they formed Geo Foods USA to find and supply the US market with sustainably sourced premium seafood.